Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back Again

We learned we lost a normal girl. 

HCG went down to 0 in 6 weeks this time.  Last time it took three months!  Yea!

My period this time was 3 weeks late.  Last time I had normal periods and ovulation before my HCG was 0.  I think I might have had a cyst. 

So right now I'm back and on estrace and T-gel.  No side effects.  I received my protocol sheet and it read cycle #4.  How crazy is it that I've had 3 cycles with CCRM?!!  I doubt I'm their typical patient. 

Ovulated through the 1st cycle - no eggs.  2nd cycle - get eggs - ET 1 tested embryo -get pregnant - Miscarriage.  3rd cycle - three follicles - convert locally to IUI - pregnant - Miscarriage.

I wonder how this cycle will play out?