Sunday, April 29, 2012

Have I a story for you

I stopped posting because the impossible happened after our cancelled cycle - I got pregnant.  My numbers were the best yet.  We found out about the blood clotting disorder and then we learned I was pregnant.  I ran around completing extra blood draws so they could create the IVIg for me.  They started me on Lovenox after seeing the implantation site at 4 weeks.  I didn't even know they could find it so early...

I was in disbelief.

The IVIg was so easy.  A home health nurse came to my house and hooked me up to the IV with a shoulder fanny pack and began the 4 hour long process.  She checked my vitals every once in a while.  We shopped through magazines.

We went in for our 5W US and found the fetal pole and sac.  Everything looked good. 

I was in disbelief and did not want to share my news with anyone for fear I would jinx the whole thing. 

We went in for our 6w US and the embryo measured 2 days behind no heartbeat.  I continued having pregnancy symptoms.   

We went in for our 7w US and there was no growth and no heartbeat.  I continued having pregnancy symptoms. 

We had a D & C a few days ago. 

The doctor performed the D & C in her office with guided ultrasound to be sure she captured the products of conception.  She sent off the embryo for genetic testing.  We will find out the news within two weeks.   

We are thinking bad genes, but who knows?  I feel like I did everything I could do to ensure a healthy baby. 

Now we wait until my stupid HCG goes down. 

My DH wants to go back to CCRM.  I'm ok going back, but I want to change doctors.  Dr. Sch is great, but he is popular and busy.  Has anyone ever changed?  I wonder if it will make any difference? 

I think I'm still in disbelief.