Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 5

I am 5 weeks today.  It's still hard to believe at moments that I am pregnant.  I guess it will feel more real when I begin telling friends and family.  I had a little fluttering feeling early this week, I don't think it was the embryo - I think my uterus was just changing, growing...something?  I'm a little more tired at night and my boobs are sore in the morning.  Oh and I can be a little snappy toward DH.  He has been great. 

I didn't get my P or E numbers.  Quest never sent them in.  I may have to drive there tomorrow to make sure they send them to CCRM.  I haven't had much spotting so I think I must be OK? 

I'm kinda bummed I didn't document my CCRM FET experience.  I guess the highlight was coming in the day of my FET and all the nurses were so excited and kept saying I was coming in to pick up my baby.  I smiled in front of them, but went into the bathroom and tears just ran down my face.  I also loved seeing my embryo on the screen. 

I can hardly wait to see this little one again next week! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Blame it on our DSL service for keeping me from you...

I woke up Saturday morning,  held my first pee, and drove to Walgreens to pick up a pee test.  It came back "pregnant" again. 

My heart was beating so fast.  My DH drove me to my blood draw and I was out of it.  

I kept busy in the am and got the call at 11:00 that my beta was 72.  Yea.

Monday I went in and my beta came back 198.  Yea.  I'm pregnant.  I go through a range of emotions throughout the day.  I am really trying to just enjoy the moment.

I go back in Friday to test Progesterone and Estrogen.  I think about checking the Beta line to have them run it again for confirmation, but then I think I need to just enjoy the moment.  After everything I've been through it's hard to believe I can now relax and just live.

My ultrasound is on October 4 - can't wait.  Yea! 


Friday, September 16, 2011

Positive for the moment

I got my first positive pregnant test in the most unexpected way tonight.  I had some spotting late in the afternoon with some crampiness so I called the nurse to find out if I should add some additional progesterone.  The first time I was pregnant I had low progesterone. 

I came home from work and announced to my husband that I was taking a pregnancy test.  I peed on the stick and noticed I had started bleeding a little red and I immediately gave up.  I got up and opened the bathroom door and my DH walked in and looked at the test and asked how the test works because it says PREGNANT.  I used Clearblue digital.  I really really did not think I was pregnant because I saw the bleeding. 

I've stopped bleeding, but of course I'm very nervous about tomorrow.  I go in for the beta.  I know I need to enjoy the moment and hope for the best.  

I might go out and buy another test.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Come to Momma

woowe -- I'm feeling the meds.  I'm very dingy - I think I'm playing it off at work.  Not good to have colleagues thinking your clueless... 

I'm tired, breasts feel weird, and I'm still having some GI issues.  Did anyone else have GI issues?  I asked my nurse and she didn't think it was the meds.  I'm glad work will lightened up next week before my actual FET.

I know I have to appreciate where I am today.  I have to remind myself daily that I am lucky that I was able to cycle.  I'm lucky that I have eggs, that I had enough to fertilize and that I have a normal.  There is so much talk over Day 3 testing and Day 5 testing.  I don't think it really matters.  It's all just totally up to GOD. 

I hope GOD sees that I'm tired and that I don't have much steam to go forward.  I'm ready baby - come to momma! 

I hope all of you enjoy my random rants!