Monday, May 7, 2012


Wow -I was a mess the other day.  I'm so surprised blogger didn't make me take down my last post because of the profanity.  Thank you for reading and not thinking any less of me.  I am way more emotional this time around.

This miscarriage is different.  I didn't really spot last time and I am this time.  I feel foggy during the day, my stomach isn't right, headaches and fatigue at night.  I'm hoping these are good things and my body is working hard to get rid of the HCG.  I go in this week to make sure we got everything and I'm going to ask for a standing order to check my beta. 

I found out CCRM is now offering frozen donor eggs.  I am not at all interested in a fresh cycle so I am happy to have another option.  Now I just need to stop having miscarriages and take care of my ute so we can use this option.   



  1. You deserve to feel/be a mess. You've been on a long, tough journey.

    Sounds like a great option to have!

  2. Hugs Goldie...take all the time you need. Thinking of you...